Yajing Liu (刘雅菁)is a fine art and documentary photographer. Her photographic works mainly deal with issues of conditions of human, landscape and memory. Now she puts more attention to explore the boundaries of the medium in photography, such as multimedia and 3D imaging, and so on.

Also, her involvement has been all-encompassing with a practice and a passion, from photojournalism to experiment film, to commercial photography and exhibition experience. Yajing’s work has been published in several magazines and displayed in solo and group exhibitions in UK and China.



1987, born in Weihai, China.

The member of China Folklore Photographic Association(relations with UNESCO), China Photography Artist Association, Liaoning Province Photographer Association, Weihai Photographer Association.



2014 – now       PhD candidate, School of Art, Design and Media, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

2012                  MA Photography, London College of Communication, University of the Arts London, London, UK

2007                 Bachelor of Photography, College of Art, Dalian Medical University, Dalian, China



2017                 FOTOFILMIC17 Winter Shortlist Show (selection for the final International Traveling Exhibition) , PULP Gallery, Vancouver BC, Canada

2016                 2016 Moscow International Foto Awards, Na Kashirke Gallery, Moscow, Russia

2015                 Li Shui International Photography Festival, Lishui, China.

2015                 Dong Gang International Photo Festival, Dong Gang Museum of Photography, Korea.

2015                 Seaweed House, Photo Speaks 2015 – the 7th International Festival for Photography and Video, Busan, Korea.

2013                  Seaweed House, World Art Museum, The China Millennium Monument, Beijing, China.

2013                 Seaweed House, Brick Lane Gallery, London, UK.

2013                 Video Spring Festival Greetings to the Folks, Exhibition of Excellent Photos (Videos) Representing the Spring Festival Culture, National Museum of China, Beijing, China.

2012                 Seaweed House, London college of Communication, London, UK.

2012                 Interim Exhibition, London College of Communication, London, UK.

2012                 Swan Lake, University Library, Dalian, China.

2011                 The Prize-winning photographs exhibition of The Second National Photographic Art Exhibition, Hong Kong Central Library, HK, China.

2011                  Swan Lake, Art College, Dalian, China.

2010                 Pingyao International Photography Festival (PIP), Pingyao, China.

2010                 The Prize-winning photographs exhibition of The Second National Photographic Art Exhibition, Hong Kong Central Library, HK, China.


Selected Awards

2017               Shortlisted winner in the FOTOFILMIC17 Spring Show, Canada

2016               Honorable Mention, Fine Art-Landscape category, 2016 Moscow International Foto Awards, Moscow, Russia

2016               Shortlisted winner in the 2016 Athens Photo Festival, Athens

2015               Excellence Award in the Multimedia category of the 25th National Photographic Art Exhibition, award by the China Photographers Association, China.

2014 – now     Full Scholarship, NTU Research Scholarship, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

2014                 Shortlisted winner in the video category of the Nikkor Photo Contest 2013-2014.

2014                 Finalist in the Eleventh National Photographic Art Exhibition. China Art Institute.

2013                 Humanity Photo Performance Awards in the Humanity Photo Awards 2013. Award by UNESCO.

2013                 Excellence Prize in the China Culture of Spring Festival. Beijing, China.

2012                 Thirst Prize in the Culurtal and Natural Heritage Photography Competition. Shandong, China

2011                 Excellent Prize in The First Youth Photography Competition. Dalian, China.

2011                 Finalist in the National Swan Photography Competition. Shandong, China.

2011                 Finalist in the Flowers and animal photography class. The Third National Photographic Art Exhibition. Hongkong, China.

2010                Finalist in the Flowers and animal photography class. The Second National Photographic Art Exhibition. Hongkong, China.

2010                Third Prize and Excellence Prize in The National College Environment Photo Competition. China.

2010                Second Prize in the Swan Photographic Competition. Shandong, China.

2010                Excellent Prize in the Shandong Environment Photo Competition. Jinan, China.

2009                First Prize and China Photographic Art Award in the Celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the China National Photography Competition. Beijing, China.

2009                Finalist in the Second National Students Creative Vision Competition, China.


Publications and Presentations

2017               Speaker and Exhibitor “Re-imaging the Transformation of Landscapes Through a Photography Project”, IVMC 5 – 5th International Visual Methods Conference (takes place every 2 years since 2009 and holds at global universities), 16-18 August, Singapore.

2016               Speaker “Exploring Cultural Memory Through Photography: A Methodological Experimentation”, ICOM 2016 – 6th International Conference on Memory (takes place every 5 years since 1991 and holds at global universities), 17-22 July, Budapest, Hungary.

2016               Chair, Issues In Contemporary Curating & Exhibition Making – Open Conversations With Practitioners: The Collaborative Nature of Exhibition Making, Singapore, April.

2016               Present “Re-thinking the Transformation of City Through Photography: A Visual-Cultural Exploration in China, 1990-2010”,  5th International Contemporary Arts Conference organized by the Eastern Mediterranean Academic Research Center (DAKAM), Istanbul, Turkey, 27-28 May

2015               “Narrating the Destruction of Landscape in Chinese Contemporary Photography,” Visual Culture, Graduate Student Conference in Visual Culture 2015, Singapore, April 29.

2015               ART Habens, An Interview with Yajing Liu, August 2015, Special Issue, P74-95.

2015               “Seaweed House: the color of the memories,” Information Times, volume 62, 2015.

2014              China Tourism News, “Seaweed House: A Residence of Eidolon”, by Guo Qi, volume 4815, 23 April.

2013              ”Analysing the Fine-art Photography Education in UK,” Journal of the Art Education, volume 11, 2013.

2012               Trans. by Yajing Liu, The Growing World of Multimedia Photography by D J Clark. China Photography, volume 5, 2012, P.58.

2009              33rd issue of Dec, 2009 Feeling of Yunnan was published on Weihai Photography Periodical.

2009              Special Topic about Swan in the website of China Works.


Reports and References

Video Save the Died Sea reported by Qi Lu Evening News. The film provides an important image material in the China Public Science and Technology Research Funds Projects of Ocean, and it has been used as the teaching and study video of seaweed in the Ocean University of China.

Report of Wen Zhong. 80’ Overseas Returnees Photographer Yajing Liu’s Works Showed at The China Millennium Monument. National Arts, May 2013.

Report of Lingwei Hou. Walking on the Road, Taking in the Heart. Weihai Discovery, March 2013, P.78-91.

Report of Jianan Li. An Interview with Young Chinese Photographer Yajing Liu. The Chinese Weekly of UK, January 2013, P49.

The news reported and reprinted by a lot of arts media and collection media in China, such as Yachang Arts (Artron.net), Chinese Arts, Chinese Collection, etc.



Dalian Medical University Library

Private Collections



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