Memorial Benches 纪念长椅

I always pass by a seemingly mysterious park when I go to school. There is a large flat grassplot and a gray old house in the distance when I walk deep into the park. And there are some benches around the grassplot and the old house, which are marked by different years and contents. I had a very wonderful feeling when I sat on one bench.  On this bench written:

In Loving Memory of my Mum & Dad

Georgy & Dearee Jhugroo

Together Forever

I think of you every single day

I miss you more than words can say

Your Daughter, Son and Grandchildren

This way to remember past is both romantic and nostalgic, and shows perfectly the relationship between memory and nature in the landscape. Sitting on the bench I also recalled my own family memory. But I dared not think more. Imagine the deeper, the deeper memories.

In the park, I picked up my camera and pressed the shutter. I was not sure such a strange feeling could be shown in the photos. Photography has always been regarded as the device of visual memory. However, memory exists in any corner, exists in any detail and exists in a variety of media. You cannot see it, touch it and sometimes even not feeling it, but it does exist. Such a bodily feeling of park, a tangible bench and a visual memorial characters reminded me a lot of untouchable imagination and memories.


[2013] — A part of Critical Context Paper Narrative and Memory in the Landscape



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