Where Should I Live?

With the rapid growth of Chinese economy, the old and characteristic villages are re-built or destroyed by the government. At the same time, this also inspires a lot of problems. There is a lot of acts of forced evictions. Whether the villagers and the leaders have the same rights? The gerontic people lost their farmland and cannot keep chickens, so how can they survive themselves without these? Do they get their own house? Where should they live?


Xing Longzhuang, one of the famous village in China.

The village has more than 300 years history and the unique stone houses in China. It is the largest and most original ecology stone village in China. 2012, the village was named “the most beautiful village of Shan Dong Province”.

Soon afterwards, the company invested 860 million Yuan to re-built the old village to a tourism resort. So that, all the villagers had to move out of their homes for generations to generations.

This video is exploring a process of forced evictions to explore and show the facts by following a 82 years old grandma.

【Work in process 2013】


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Below is a part of video. The passport is yajingliu.

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